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At Master Garage Door Service, the near-century of collective experience the garage door maintenance and installation industry means that we can quickly meet and adjust related concerns you might have security and proper function. Furthermore, available to our residents in the Miami, FL area 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. We can make this claim primarily because of the workmanlike dedication of our garage door technicians and our readily available mobile service units – which are always poised to bring an emergency solution to the problem at hand.

The Price of Unqualified Maintenance

Given the stated complexity of a garage door system, it is of course a terrible mistake to have your garage door system service by an unqualified repair person.

Although it is not uncommon to find many amateurs claiming to be able to fix a garage door, it is imperative that you ask professional qualifications and a license. If you allow them to do work, it will undoubtedly lead to catastrophic failures down the line as they fail to properly align the bracket system, or misdiagnose issues with the spring. Of course the collapse can come sooner than later if they technicians lacking adequate experience tries to service the system.

It is precisely for this reason that Master Garage Door Service depends on word-of-mouth for so much of our business. Good work is rewarded by essentially free advertising. All of the technicians under the Master Garage Door Service banner have both the experience and equipment to readily serve our residential and commercial garage door interests in the Miami area.

Garage Door Checkup

Master Garage Door Service Miami, FL 786-419-4420Complexity of a garage door system cannot be understated; every individual component is intimately dependence upon the other ones such that any single one being compromised can cause the entire system to fail. This is why you need qualified experts performing the repairs, maintenance, and installation. At Master Garage Door Service, our technicians have spent decades honing their skills so that they can be just that.

In order to combat future issues to the best be expected installation and maintenance that we provide is predicated on proactive measures. That means that in the future, when a Master Garage Door Service technician comes out to your property for a checkup, the expert will be intimately familiar with the entire system beforehand.

Once there a meticulous process will begin in which the garage door track assembly, door panels, heavy springs, and associated hardware will be examined and repaired until the door is working like new. Once completed, the technician will provide you with a streamlined and efficient explanation of the process for your edification. You can count on your garage door to hold up to its purpose afterwards – uninterruptible everyday use.

Off-Track Garage Door

One of the more common problems we see is the off-track garage door problem. The track system is what allows the garage door – which is actually quite heavy apparatus – smoothly rise up and lower down without any unwanted surprises. Track assembly has an issue, your door will undoubtedly say some problems opening and closing. It can be as a result of a broken cable, or simply the wear and tear that the commonly-used door undergoes over a long period of time. Not only can the door open incorrectly, but it can fail to close at all if the door happens to be open all the way during cable failure. So if you are garage door fails as a result of usage, environmental degradation, or an immediate cable break due to stresses, we can be out to fix it within the hour. The above are the only ways that a garage door can fail. This next possibility is more of an electrical failure than a mechanical one; it affects the door ability to detect motion in front of it and open as a consequence. If there are problems with this “electric eye”, then you need a professional technician from Master Garage Door Service to ensure that it is restored without any further issues.